15 Dec 2013

Christmas Calendar gifts

Hi! I have some Christmas calendar exchanges and some of the gifts are just great for my Lundby projects.

This beautiful table cloth I got from Leena.

Glass design is from Kristiina, just great for my 70´project.

Also from Kristiina this pale pink bowl.

From Jaana I got a big white candle and I placed it to Kristiina´s bowl - they go very well together don´t you think!

I am having fun with my calendar gifts, still 3 to open (18, 20 and 24).

Best regards,

23 Nov 2013

Home decoration in Lundby Rainbow

I have made some home decoration in my Lundby Rainbow.

I added new pillows. I have made all these pillows (embroidered and sewed). Pillows are easy and rather quick to do.

To the bathroom I made a laundrybasket, pink of course.

Mother is showing her new purchase, a beutiful picture of Marilyn. She likes Marilyn and she knows father does too, though he cannot see the picture. But he knows Marilyn as he has not been blind all his life. But now the lady of the house has to think where to put Marilyn´s picture... We will see later!

Best wishes,

2 Nov 2013

My new house, Lundby Stockholm + extension

I am a happy owner of this Lundby Stockholm and extension! Both are in quite good condition. I bought this house from Tradera, Sweden.

I still do not have a lot of furniture to put in the house, but in the big room downstairs I plased the whisky bar, record player, ping pong table, fireplace (which is on as you can see :) and a marmor table. I like this room already! And if I ever find the gym, this is going to be perfect!

I need a horse to life in the stable!

Kitchen, in very good condition!

This room I think is going to be a library room. I dream of Lido shelfs around on the walls!

Living room

Upstairs hall. There is a damage in bathroom floor, but that will be left under bathroom furniture. The hall floor is in great condition!

I love this house because there is a house wide balcony and a stable! I am exited to get to furnish this in time, little by little :)

Have a nice day and thanks for visiting my blog,

16 Oct 2013

My Lundby Rainbow in progress!

I have made some progress in decorating my pink house and it is really starting to look pink!

Please, clic the picture bigger, you´ll see better :)

I made the bookshelf and you have seen one photo before, but now it is ready with handles and also I made books - pink of course :) I have made the pictures on the wall. The one in the left is cutted out of a magazine and the rose I have embroidered. I also stitched the rose pillow on the couch.

Kitchen is still missing a refrigerator. On the right side picture you can see a nice "Home sweet home" wall decoration embroidered by me.

Parents have now a decent bed. I made a little box (above wardrobe).
For the girl I painted a chair with white and pink, it turns out to be just nice :)

For the bathroom I made a sheld for towels and other badroom stuff.

My lovely pink project... to be continued...

Best regards,

29 Sep 2013

Making my Rainbow house

My newest Lundby house is Rainbow from 80´. I bought it for 50 euros and now I have started renovating and decorating.

I do not like pink in home decoration in real life, but in this house I am letting my self to play with this color. A lot!! I had an idea, that the father of this family is blind and he told his wife "you can decorate with any color you like, as I can not see it, I do not care". And as the wife loves pink and their children are both girls, the house is really pink.

Nothing is clued, all wallpapers and floors are removable. Wallpapers are mostly scrab booking papers.

Older girl´s room
- new wallpapers and carpet
- the mirror table has now a new fabric and mirror a new "frame" of pink cord.

Parent´s bedroom
- new wallpaper and carpet
- new curtains
- the cupboard is Lundby´s blue heaven, but was in a bad condition, so I made it as new by painting and making door fronts of the same paper as wall in back

- new wallpaper and panels

- new floor (self adhesive plastic paper) and a shelf coming... I have to paint it and add towels etc.

Living room
- new wallpaper
- new book shelf I made of Biltema´s wood and balsa. Painted once, needs to paint second time.

This old Lundby chair was yellow and broken, missed one leg. I made a new leg and painted pink, of course :) It need a second paint layer, but then it better than new!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and welcome again! Have a nice day,

9 Sep 2013



Let´s take a look to Emma's and my storage system.

Under the houses we have all dolls house items in named boxes. Now it is so easy to find items!

Boxes, here are examples "Lundby living room" and "Bedroom"

Have a nice day and nice of you to visit my blog!

31 Aug 2013

Lundby Lisa

CLICK the pictures to see them better :)

This is my Lundby Lisa house with 2 additions from another houses.

I try to furnish with 1970's items, but there are some other items also... If I like them and they go with the decorations, I use them as well :) I am always willing to buy new items, so please, offer if you have spare.


Living room

I wish to find balcony plants for my balcony.


Hall (dog made by my daughter)


Teenage girl´s room (needs items)

Childrens room (the bunk bed, table and chairs are not from the 1970´). Shelves are maybe from Jeans - does anyone know?

Dublo Legos made by my daughter :)

Down floor is still quite empty. I wish to find gym furniture here!

Yard (sandbox made by me)

Lundby Stockholm, newer model

This is my newer model Lundby Stockholm. I bought it from flea market for 25 euros. This house is still missing a lot of items...

Upstairs is the bedroom with new wallpapers. I have made the bed, bed side tables and lamps, pillows, wardrobe and round leather footstool

Exercise bike is really a fridge magnet :)

I am proud especially about this wardrobe - the doors are opening :) I made it of balsa.

Downstairs I have living room and on the right corner I still need kitchen unit. I have not added any new wall papers downstairs. I thought this green colour is okay. The corner table and book shelves are Brio´s. Eero Aarnio´s Puppy was a key ring before :)

Bathroom is still empty and so are terrasses and yard. Nice project to keep on doing!