26 Apr 2014

Latest embroideries and purchase

I embroidered two pictures to my Lundbynette. They are mountain life style as this is how I wish to decorate this house.

Closer pictures

This owl pattern is my own design. I stitched this to thank Charlene for helping me get the gym items. She wished for a retro style gift so I made this in orange linen and it is really looking retro :)

I have been looking these items for a long time and finally with the help of a Facebook friend Charlene I got these from USA!

Best regards,

18 Apr 2014

What's new in my Lundby-houses!

Hi! First I want to show you my newest stitching, a Dala Horse pillow. The chart is part of a Un Noël en Scandinavie freebie from Gazette's blog.

And then some new furniture. I have a new bookshelfs in Lundby Stockholm living room and the room next to it (is it a study? I am not making a dining room). Also I have new childrens room furniture.

I need to decorate the childrens room; carpet, toys etc.

Lundby Rainbow has an extension I borrowed from my daughter. I am making a sewing room for the lady, but I am wondering what to do with the bigger room.

Any ideas for the downstairs?


7 Apr 2014

Self designed living room carpet for Lundby Rainbow

I designed a cross stitch chart especially for my Lundby Rainbow living room carpet. I wanted the carpet to like a bit like a quilt.

Here is the finished stitching :)

Have a nice day,