21 Mar 2015

Bedroom make over

I had a big change in Lundby Lisa bedroom, my retro-house. I have had this retro wallpaper (it is real 1:1 live wallpaper) for a long time. A couple of weeks ago I got fabrics, white and brown, that are like same serie with this wallpaper. Of course I just had to have a redocoration! The brown fabric I used only for the new stool cover, but maybe later I make a pillow or two on the bed. The white fabric I used for curtains and bed cover.

First I cutted cardboards suitable to the walls. Then I cutted the wallpaper and clued it into the cardboard. The pieces are so tight they will stay in places without any blu tack or other "help". I do not want to touch the original walls.

I used the wallpaper also for the bed end. I thought the red is too much now. This is also just the wallpaper clued on cardboard and then pushed in place, no clued to the bed.

Wellcome in!

The door had green drawings made by some little child. With adding the wallpaper in the door, I got almost all of the drawings hidden! I was very pleased with my self figured this idea :)

I like this door now :)

And the new cover for stool.This one I clued really on. But on the other hand, it is easy to rip off if needed and place the original stool cover back.

Close picture of the curtains. I made new window frames of tree and painted white. On the windowsill I can place some flowers (need to get some).

My daughter thinks I should have my own Esther :) She knows I follow Esther the wonder pig in Facebook. Esther is so lovely! Unfortunately this Esther went back to Emma´s dollshouse. It was just checking the new bedroom :)

What do you think about the new bedroom?

Thank´s for visiting!