23 Nov 2013

Home decoration in Lundby Rainbow

I have made some home decoration in my Lundby Rainbow.

I added new pillows. I have made all these pillows (embroidered and sewed). Pillows are easy and rather quick to do.

To the bathroom I made a laundrybasket, pink of course.

Mother is showing her new purchase, a beutiful picture of Marilyn. She likes Marilyn and she knows father does too, though he cannot see the picture. But he knows Marilyn as he has not been blind all his life. But now the lady of the house has to think where to put Marilyn´s picture... We will see later!

Best wishes,

2 Nov 2013

My new house, Lundby Stockholm + extension

I am a happy owner of this Lundby Stockholm and extension! Both are in quite good condition. I bought this house from Tradera, Sweden.

I still do not have a lot of furniture to put in the house, but in the big room downstairs I plased the whisky bar, record player, ping pong table, fireplace (which is on as you can see :) and a marmor table. I like this room already! And if I ever find the gym, this is going to be perfect!

I need a horse to life in the stable!

Kitchen, in very good condition!

This room I think is going to be a library room. I dream of Lido shelfs around on the walls!

Living room

Upstairs hall. There is a damage in bathroom floor, but that will be left under bathroom furniture. The hall floor is in great condition!

I love this house because there is a house wide balcony and a stable! I am exited to get to furnish this in time, little by little :)

Have a nice day and thanks for visiting my blog,