2 Nov 2013

My new house, Lundby Stockholm + extension

I am a happy owner of this Lundby Stockholm and extension! Both are in quite good condition. I bought this house from Tradera, Sweden.

I still do not have a lot of furniture to put in the house, but in the big room downstairs I plased the whisky bar, record player, ping pong table, fireplace (which is on as you can see :) and a marmor table. I like this room already! And if I ever find the gym, this is going to be perfect!

I need a horse to life in the stable!

Kitchen, in very good condition!

This room I think is going to be a library room. I dream of Lido shelfs around on the walls!

Living room

Upstairs hall. There is a damage in bathroom floor, but that will be left under bathroom furniture. The hall floor is in great condition!

I love this house because there is a house wide balcony and a stable! I am exited to get to furnish this in time, little by little :)

Have a nice day and thanks for visiting my blog,


  1. On kyllä huikean hieno! Onnea uuteen kotiin.

  2. wow you're so lucky to have the Lundby bar