16 Oct 2013

My Lundby Rainbow in progress!

I have made some progress in decorating my pink house and it is really starting to look pink!

Please, clic the picture bigger, you´ll see better :)

I made the bookshelf and you have seen one photo before, but now it is ready with handles and also I made books - pink of course :) I have made the pictures on the wall. The one in the left is cutted out of a magazine and the rose I have embroidered. I also stitched the rose pillow on the couch.

Kitchen is still missing a refrigerator. On the right side picture you can see a nice "Home sweet home" wall decoration embroidered by me.

Parents have now a decent bed. I made a little box (above wardrobe).
For the girl I painted a chair with white and pink, it turns out to be just nice :)

For the bathroom I made a sheld for towels and other badroom stuff.

My lovely pink project... to be continued...

Best regards,


  1. I also love pink furnishing, let me share Your Pink

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