29 Sep 2013

Making my Rainbow house

My newest Lundby house is Rainbow from 80´. I bought it for 50 euros and now I have started renovating and decorating.

I do not like pink in home decoration in real life, but in this house I am letting my self to play with this color. A lot!! I had an idea, that the father of this family is blind and he told his wife "you can decorate with any color you like, as I can not see it, I do not care". And as the wife loves pink and their children are both girls, the house is really pink.

Nothing is clued, all wallpapers and floors are removable. Wallpapers are mostly scrab booking papers.

Older girl´s room
- new wallpapers and carpet
- the mirror table has now a new fabric and mirror a new "frame" of pink cord.

Parent´s bedroom
- new wallpaper and carpet
- new curtains
- the cupboard is Lundby´s blue heaven, but was in a bad condition, so I made it as new by painting and making door fronts of the same paper as wall in back

- new wallpaper and panels

- new floor (self adhesive plastic paper) and a shelf coming... I have to paint it and add towels etc.

Living room
- new wallpaper
- new book shelf I made of Biltema´s wood and balsa. Painted once, needs to paint second time.

This old Lundby chair was yellow and broken, missed one leg. I made a new leg and painted pink, of course :) It need a second paint layer, but then it better than new!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and welcome again! Have a nice day,


  1. Ah, ihanan pinkkiä. :) Vanhempien makuuhuoneen tapetti on hieno. :)

  2. Hieno kirjahylly! Minullakin on sänky valmiina balsasta ja "biltemasta". Maalaamaton vielä, niin en vielä viitsi sitä blogata.