24 Sep 2014

21 Sep 2014

New floors in Lundby Rainbow

my pink house has new floor in hall, living room and utility room, which is actually brand new, made the utility room today!

Utility room

I made the utility room downstairs in the extension beside the kitchen.

Looked from kitchen it looks like this.


Pink of course :)

Living room

I am very pleased with myself for being so active, now many things that have been hanging and waiting, are finally done!
Have a nice day,

20 Sep 2014

Some miniatures made recently

Pictures of miniatures I have made recently in Lundby scale.

Small matrioska dolls. By the way, the cupboard is made by Emma! Isn´t she talented!

An ironing board, made by me from the beginning :) Very retro style cover.

This board is Lundby´s, I just made a new cover.

Miniature embroideries, click here.