31 Aug 2013

Lundby Stockholm, newer model

This is my newer model Lundby Stockholm. I bought it from flea market for 25 euros. This house is still missing a lot of items...

Upstairs is the bedroom with new wallpapers. I have made the bed, bed side tables and lamps, pillows, wardrobe and round leather footstool

Exercise bike is really a fridge magnet :)

I am proud especially about this wardrobe - the doors are opening :) I made it of balsa.

Downstairs I have living room and on the right corner I still need kitchen unit. I have not added any new wall papers downstairs. I thought this green colour is okay. The corner table and book shelves are Brio´s. Eero Aarnio´s Puppy was a key ring before :)

Bathroom is still empty and so are terrasses and yard. Nice project to keep on doing!

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