31 Aug 2013


This is my newest house and I just love this! Lundbynette is quite rare I believe. Also there is a lovely stable additions to this house and it is my dream to get one some day...

Lundbynette scale is bigger than Lundby usually, so I am decorating this for a 1:12 scale cottage. I still have lots of buings and crafting to do to get this furnished. I am not going to clue anything to this house, everything is going to be loose and removable. If I ever get Lundbynette's own furnitures I will then furnish this again. Lundbynette also had own people that are very different from Lundby dolls. If you have not seen any, google Lundbynette.

These kitchen furnitures I was thinking to use. The sink and stove are made by my daughter Emma.

Fireplace is working! It's made by Jorma Havia.

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