31 Aug 2013

Lundby Lisa

CLICK the pictures to see them better :)

This is my Lundby Lisa house with 2 additions from another houses.

I try to furnish with 1970's items, but there are some other items also... If I like them and they go with the decorations, I use them as well :) I am always willing to buy new items, so please, offer if you have spare.


Living room

I wish to find balcony plants for my balcony.


Hall (dog made by my daughter)


Teenage girl´s room (needs items)

Childrens room (the bunk bed, table and chairs are not from the 1970´). Shelves are maybe from Jeans - does anyone know?

Dublo Legos made by my daughter :)

Down floor is still quite empty. I wish to find gym furniture here!

Yard (sandbox made by me)


  1. Your house looks really wonderful!! Congratulations on getting thus far :)

  2. Pretty photos! I really like that dollhouse, how amazing little things. I think the wall in hall is so beautiful. Have a nice autumn!

  3. Nyt alkoi tehdä mieli lisäkerroksia Lisaan. Aivan mielettömän upea kokonaisuus!