14 Jul 2015

Little village school

This little village school is in a beautiful valley and all the children - but there is not many - go to this school. The teacher is Miss Bunny and children just love her. She is always friendly and smiling, never yells or looks strict.

I have collected these school desks from Ebay, Tradera and Huuto.net. 6 is enough and I was wondering how to make my school. Then my father made this little house and I realized it is perfect to be a little village school. I still need books, pens, papers etc. Stuffed animal would be great too, but I have never seen one in miniature. Wall bars and the globe are also Lundby´s. The wall bars are from the gym set.

Oh no, this little pupil is late for school!

Others have already started today´s studies.

From above


Bye bye little pupils, remember to study hard :)

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