19 Jun 2014

Dolls house basket made of aida fabric

in my yesterday´s posting I showed you pictures of a shelf I made with aida fabric baskets. Here are some instructions if you would like to do one yourself. New aida fabric is stout enough for this purpose. This is my way of doing the basket of aida, but I am sure there are other ways too.

1. Draw the bottom of the box in size you need in to the cardboard and cut it off.

2. Cut the aida fabric so that there is enough to go round the basket bottom and a little bit extra. Remember to measure the hight you wish to have in your basket.

3. I always fold the edges before I clue. Use the bottom to show you the corners where to fold.

4. Clue the bottom part's edges (I use Tacky Clue) and place the aida fabric. Let the fabric go little one on the other at the back (use clue).

5. I use Fray Stay on the upper edge so my basket will not fray!

6. For handles you can use almost anything! Here are some examples (the first ones are ear rings and the pink one is a piece of plastic).

Good to know :)

Did you know there are also patterned aida fabrics on the market! These patterned fabrics are really nice also to make baskets and boxes.

Happy crafting,

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