9 Mar 2014

Something new in my older Lundby Stockholm and Lisa house

I have something new to show you. I have new furniture in Lisa house livingroom and Stockholm house bedroom.

Lovely orange and very retro bookshelf and also a nice table. If you know the name of these furniture, please leave a comment. I believe they are not Lundby.

Bedroom has new, nice dark brown furniture. Today I made some items on mirror table, a parfume bottle, box and table cloth.

I also embroidered silk bed cover some days ago, the flowers are 2 mm silk ribbon.

New flower boxes! I am very happy about these items, finally I have flowers in the balcony :)

As you might have noticed in the picture above, many rooms are still very empty. I am looking for furniture for the girl, kitchen and living room. But I am very happy, the man in this house likes to clean!

If you like to see my miniature embroideries, I have added some new pictures on the post "Miniature embroideries".

Have a nice day,

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